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How to Use the Weekly Meal + Exercise Planner November 11 2016

Meal and Exercise Planner

A few customers have asked to see a closer look at the weekly Meal + Exercise Planners in the Signature Life Designers. I thought I'd include a sample of how I use it so you can get some ideas of what is possible (but please excuse the terrible hand-writing!).

Each Signature Life Designer has a 'Health' section at the front (after the 'Goals' section) which has 52 weekly Meal + Exercise Planners. There are sections for each day of the week and breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks (a category of mine which always has way too much writing in it!), exercise (a category which normally has too little writing in it!) and a water tracker.

On the right side are some dotted lines which I use for either a grocery list, recipe ingredient list or for a quick reference for calories in my most common meals.

Ideally, on a Sunday night I'll write up my meal plan for the week and have done some meal prep for lunch and snacks. I'll block out any lunch / dinners I have out with friends and then try and plan out a lot of the rest. If I'm writing a list of groceries, I put it on the right hand side where the dotted lines are and then take a photo on my phone in case I'm dashing up to the shops and have left my planner on my desk.

Meal Prep

I find the exercise section really handy as it keeps me accountable if I set it up at the beginning of the week. It's also useful if you are training for a big event such as a marathon or ocean swim. I'm not much of a runner so no marathons here (!) but I did recently complete the Couch to 5km program (so yep, not really in the same league as a marathon haha!) and it was great using the exercise tracker to write out the eight week program and tick it off when done, recording my times and distances.

The Compact Life Designer has been created differently as it is a smaller planner with only a monthly overview page for health (rather than 52 two-page spreads tracking it weekly in the Signature). The monthly overview gives you space to record the day's calories or points intake and the week's exercise to give you a big picture look at how you're going rather than a detailed in-depth view. This is more useful if you're not following a set meal plan / diet or are using an app to record some of the information for you. You can see in my mock-up below (based on a week when I was trialing the sample books months ago) I used both a daily calorie count and then switched halfway through the week to daily points tracking.

I'd love to see how others use their meal and exercise planners for inspiration so please feel free to tag #amelialanelifedesigner on instagram so we can all see!

Compact Meal Planner



Introducing the 2017 Amelia Lane Life Designers! October 10 2016

2017 Amelia Lane Life Designer Compact Black

Pre-order opens in TWO DAYS! Pre-orders will open on WEDNESDAY 12 OCTOBER AT 10AM! Orders will ship in November.

After such a quick sell-out of the 2016 Life Designers last year, we quickly got to work on the new + improved Life Designers for 2017 and we’re so excited to show you what’s to come!

2017 Amelia Lane Life Designers {Signature}

First up, the covers! There will be two covers to choose from in 2017 - an elegant navy and white stripe and a bang-on trend pink with green palm print. Both have the concealed spiral binding which we know works great for protecting the spirals as the planner gets tossed about in handbags and offices, and gold corner protectors. They will also both come with gold elastic band closures this year which are a little luxurious touch.

Inside, we’ve chosen to go with hand lettered quotes and inspiration for the monthly artwork pages and a soft pale blue / grey inside cover with back pocket. We’ve kept all the features you love with a few updates such as moving the weekly meal and exercise planners to a separate tabbed section at the front of the planner so you no longer have to flick through these to get to the next weekly spread. Similarly, the monthly budget and expenses pages are in their own section at the back. As always though, we’ve kept the focus on ‘whole of life’ planning as we know happiness comes from feeling in control of all areas of your life - from day to day schedules, to long term goal-planning and health and finances so you’ll be able to stay on top of all these with the 2017 Life Designer!

Specs-wise we’ve kept the nice, thick paper to reduce pen bleed and thicker card for the monthly tabbed pages. And yes, they will most definitely come packaged in a luxurious gift box like last year! The 2017 Amelia Lane Life Designer truly has all your bases covered for keeping on top of all important events, plans and goals in your life.

p.s. are you in the UK? Then we've got some good news! We will have a VERY limited number of the 2017 Amelia Lane Life Designers {Signature} in Navy Stripes with UK public holidays shipping from the UK so you'll receive it super fast! Make sure you pre-order the UK edition to enable free UK shipping!

Amelia Lane Life Designer {Signature} Navy coverAmelia Lane Life Designer {Signature} Pink Palm cover

2017 Amelia Lane Life Designers {Compact}

Love it but want something more handbag-friendly? Well, we know after speaking to a lot of you that you love the large binder size of the Life Designer to keep on your desk, home studio or kitchen bench but want something more portable to take into the office. So we created a brand new 2017 Life Designer {Compact}. The Life Designer {Compact} is a book-bound cloth fabric-covered Life Designer which has all your favourite features but on an edited scale to reduce page count and bulk. Smaller in dimensions than the Life Designer {Signature}, the Life Designer {Compact} has a week to two-page spread like the large, and vision boards, monthly tabs, a yearly planner, monthly calendar view and a back pocket.

However, instead of 12 goal action worksheets, the Life Designer {Compact} has a monthly goal overview spread, a monthly health tracker (to keep an overview count of daily calorie / points intake, plus weekly exercise output) and a monthly budget. This way you’re able to keep an overview of all these sections of your life on hand with you without the level of detail in the Life Designer {Signature}. And it also comes in two covers! A classic Black and a summery Sky Blue, both with a black ribbon page marker and nestled inside a luxurious black gift box.

2017 Amelia Lane Life Designer Compact Black

So which is the right planner for you?

If you like to make detailed meal plans, are following a diet or weight loss plan where you like to record all calories / points intake, use goal action plans to plot your work or personal plans and need a larger sized planner to fit your schedule in, then the Life Designer {Signature} is for you! If you’re constantly on the go, and just want to be able to see an overview of your health and budgets (for example, you may be using a daily tracker app for one of these so just want to write down your totals), then the Life Designer {Compact} is your best fit!

We can’t wait to see which planner and cover you choose! We think we’ve covered everything but please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions! And make sure you mark your diaries for WEDNESDAY 12 OCTOBER AT 10AM for pre-order!

Happy planning for 2017!

Chanel x

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