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2018 Life Designer Styles September 16 2017

Pre order opens on Monday 18th September at 10am (EST) but we wanted to give you a quick overview of the differences between the Life Designer styles here! There are three styles in the UK for 2018: Desktop Daily, Signature Weekly and Compact Weekly. All the styles have the following:

-2018 and 2019 Yearly Planners

-2018 Vision Board

-Monthly Tabs

-Monthly Title and Quote page

-Monthly Calendar View

-a Pocket

-a few Notes and Ideas page at the back

-Gold corner protectors

The main differences are in the size, daily / weekly layout, and how detailed the Goals, Health and Budget sections are.

Our Daily Life Designers have: top 3 priorities section, 6am-10pm schedule, a long to-do list, health section for breakfast, lunch, dinner and exercise tracking and a notes section. There are separate pages for Saturday and Sunday.

Both our Weekly Life Designers have: a weekly goal and weekly to-do list, top 3 priorities area, box for evening plans / meal plans / important things to remember and to-do list with equal space given to Saturday and Sunday.

Desktop Daily

The Desktop Daily Life Designer is our largest and most comprehensive planner to date! It has a page for each day (including separate Saturday and Sunday pages), a full Goals section (with Vision Board and 12 Goal Action Plans), a full Budget section (with monthly expenses and budget trackers) and comes in all four covers. The Health section is built in to the daily layout with an area for meal and exercise tracking. It has two ribbon page markers and lay flat book binding. Due to its size (195x250x40mm) and weight (1.28kg) it is most suited to leaving on your desk or kitchen table. It does fit in a large handbag but is quite heavy so not great for carrying around every day.

Signature Weekly

The Signature Weekly is our best-selling Life Designer with a very comprehensive health section. It has a week over two page layout, a full Goals section (with Vision Board and 12 Goal Action Plans), a full Budget section (with monthly expenses and budget trackers), and our most detailed Health section (with Weekly Meal + Exercise Planners) and comes in all four covers. It has a concealed gold spiral binding and gold elastic band closure. Due to its size (190x220x40mm) and weight (721g) it is most suited to leaving on your desk or carrying around in a large handbag.

Compact Weekly

The Compact Weekly is our smallest and lightest Life Designer. It has a week over two pages, an edited Goals section (with Vision Board and Monthly Goals overview), an edited Budget section (with monthly budget overview), an edited Health section (with monthly health overview) and comes in all covers. It has two ribbon page markers and lay flat book binding. Due to its size (140x190x19mm) and weight (355g) it is suitable for small handbags and taking with you on the go. 

We hope that helps you choose the 2018 Amelia Lane Life Designer which works best for you! xo

Friday Favourites September 08 2017

Image via Architectural Digest

Woo hoo! It's almost the weekend! This is what has caught our eye this week:

  1. Mixing up the morning coffee routine with a matcha latte. It's packed with antioxidants and this 100% organic one from T2 will look smart in your pantry 

  2. Laughing out loud at episodes of Younger. 40-year-old single Mum Liza who pretends she is 26 to get a job is such a likeable protagonist.

  3. Taking a peek inside supermodel Kate Moss's London house. Her collaboration with legendary wallpaper brand De Gournay is simply dreamy. 

  4. Wearing our art with this gorgeous statement necklace by Adelaide artist Tiff Manuell.

  5. Digging into the Letters of Note archive and reading fascinating, funny and poignant letters.

Friday Favourites September 08 2017

Nectar Stone

Image via Nectar and Stone

Spring is almost here! This week has seen us:

1. Feeling inspired with these pockets of warm weather, here are some fun athletic leggings we love.

2. From Bungalow to Architectural wonder, this house with 6.5m high walls begs to be photographed, documented & etched into history books - trust us and have a browse...

3. We've been trying out a classic red lipstick to add a bit of colour to the day. Our favourite is Lipstick Queens Sinner Scarlett Red for its luscious texture and gorgeous packaging.

4. Drooling over the incredible desserts at Nectar and Stone. Can you imagine high tea with these? No stale scones and soggy sandwiches!

5. If you've run out of 'date night' ideas... how about this? As part of Open Sydney, the city's secret, hidden tunnels will be open for two days... Make sure you have someone to hold on to! 

The 2018 Life Designers are coming! September 08 2017

Save the Date! Pre Order opens on Monday 18th September at 10am!

A few months ago we sent out a survey to everyone who purchased a 2017 Life Designer asking for feedback on what they liked and what they wanted to improve or add. We filmed a Facebook Live video (which you can on our Facebook page) discussing our updates but we wanted to do a quick summary of all the changes you can expect for the 2018 Life Designers!


2018 Life Designers will be offered in FOUR new covers! Our cover reveal is on Monday 11th September so keep an eye on our social media pages and newsletter! All styles, including last year’s Compact Weekly which was a fabric cover, will now come in a matt scratch-resistant hard cover featuring the four colourful patterns (and gold corner protectors of course!).

A Daily Life Designer

One major request and that we can now confirm we will be releasing is a Daily Life Designer! The Daily Life Designer will be in addition to the existing Signature Weekly and Compact Weekly Life Designers and it will come in two sizes - a Compact handbag size as well as a huge, stunning Desktop size. We will be talking more about the daily layout come September but there is a page for each day (including Saturday and Sunday) with a top three priority list, an hourly schedule from 6am-10pm, a long to-do list, notes and of course meal and exercise planning for the day.

New Weekly Layout

The weekly layout has changed slightly and we are loving it! There is a box for a weekly goal, space for your top three priorities for the day and equal space for the weekdays and weekends (i.e. no shared Saturday / Sunday pages).


More Binding Options

While the Signature Weekly will continue to have the concealed gold spiral binding you know and love, the new Compact Daily and Desktop Daily Life Designers will have lay flat book binding, the same as the Compact Weekly. 


New USA and UK Editions

This year we will be working with fulfillment partners in the USA and the UK to bring customers there faster, cheaper shipping options for their Life Designers! These editions are also local to the USA or UK - that is, they have those public holidays in them instead of Australian ones. All styles and covers will be offered in the USA, and a reduced selection in the UK. 


Pre Order Opens

Mark your planners - we will be taking pre orders from Monday 18th September at 10am (Sydney time). Orders will ship as soon as they are received in our warehouses - expected to be in mid October. 

We are so grateful to everyone who filled out our feedback survey - your suggestions have truly helped shape the changes we’ve made for the 2018 release. We are so excited about the changes we’ve made and we can’t wait to show them off to you! Stay up to date by following along on Facebook, Instagram and our newsletter (sign up on the website homepage).

Friday Favourites September 08 2017

sketch london

Image via Sketch London

It's only hours until the weekend so kick back and check out some of our favourite things from around the internet this week!

  1. Can’t get enough stationery? We know how you feel! You can even have a water bottle inspired by stationery sizing – BPA free, slimline & fits snugly between your laptop & mobile phone.
  2. Learning the secrets of happy. We’ve found so many happiness hacks listening to Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast and yes, getting enough sleep is unsurprisingly one of the top tips.
  3. Reveling in the fabulous interiors at Sketch London. Can you imagine taking high tea on those blush pink velvet sofas or sipping a cocktail in the woodland inspired bar?
  4. Cooking up a storm with a delicious retro classic. This French onion soup is the perfect tonic for the last days of winter.
  5. Putting our health as a top priority and trying to get our 10,000 steps in per day. Surely it will be much easier with a rose gold fitness tracker?

3 quick + simple snacks September 08 2017


We all know how busy our days can get - sometimes it gets so busy we forget to eat! When life gets a little crazy there’s a few tricks we keep under our hat to ensure we have a productive and healthy week. Today we will be sharing our go-to snacks around the studio for when the 3pm munchies hit!

Good old fruit & nuts and why they’re so good together! 

This is by far the quickest and easiest snack to prepare, just combine your favourite fruit with your favourite nuts! The reason why they are so perfect together is not just because of their yummy taste! The protein from the nuts actually stabilises blood sugar levels that might spike after eating fruit. Our favourite combinations are: mango and macadamia, strawberry and almond and banana and walnut.  

No Bake Protein Balls

While these take slightly longer to prepare (10 minutes) they are a great snack to meal prep on a Sunday and they should last you the week! We love this recipe from Gimme Some Oven. The only problem is they are so good you’ll eat them all in one sitting!

Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds have amazing health benefits but sometimes it's hard to know what to actually do with them! Chia pudding is one of our favourites as not only is it a great snack to have while at work, it's actually a super yummy and healthy dessert alternative too! Try this recipe from Tone It Up.


Images via Gimme Some Oven and Tone It Up

Friday Favourites September 08 2017


Image via Jackalope

Yippee! It's (almost) the weekend! Which means it's time to relax, breathe out, grab a coffee and check out some of our favourite things below!

1. Give your skin a nourishing treat after the long winter months This all-rounder is a cult favourite for good reason.

2. Load up on beautiful blood oranges while they are still in season. This salad is a visual feast!

3. Bake a cupcake for a cause! RSPCA cupcake day is on (this) Monday 21 August and is the perfect opportunity to get together with friends or colleagues to raise money for animals in need. Office pup Archie is ex-RSPCA and have you ever seen a dog look prouder than this photo taken on his adoption day?!


4. Light a beautiful scented candle and get cosy. We can't go past this woody Diptyque classic for winter.

5. Dream of a long weekend at Australia’s newest boutique hotel, Jackalope in the Mornington Peninsula. The black infinity pool (pictured above) takes luxe style to a new level!

Planner Accessories September 08 2017

Planner Accessories

 When creating the Amelia Lane Life Designer we intentionally chose the covers to be beautiful, stylish and colourful but we deliberately kept the inside pages clean, practical and minimalist so you can focus on the tasks at hand. That said, there’s no harm in injecting some of your own personality onto the pages, especially if it motivates or inspires you to stay on track! Below are some of our favourite accessories you can use to make the most of your Life Designer.


 We’re planning to add some of our own bookmarks to the shop later in the year, but if you don’t like using the ribbons (which come in the Desktop and Compact editions) there are lots of options out there! Another alternative to a book mark or page marker is a cute paper clip with or without some ribbon in a bow tied around the top.

Book mark

Glasses Book Mark by CoolBookMarks (Etsy)

  1. Stickers

There are way too many options to list here, but there are stickers for literally every occasion, hobby, theme or focus. Try searching for ‘planner stickers’ on Etsy to see thousands of results! Personally, we like stickers for weekly reminders – e.g. bins, cleaning, laundry as well as fun ones such as date night, holidays, TV for favourite shows and workouts.

gym sticker

Gym sticker by Center Patch (Etsy)

  1. Washi Tape

We know a lot of people love the idea of washi tape but aren’t sure how to actually incorporate it into your planning. Other than just for adding decorative elements, or sticking photos or notes into your planner, washi tape is great as it can generally be written upon (as it has an uncoated paper finish) so you can use it to block out activities or events and write on the top of it. It’s also fantastic to use in the monthly calendar to block out holidays and weekends away. If you feel it’s too wide for the space you can simply cut it in half.

Washi Tape

Black Pineapple Washi Tape by Washi Gang (Etsy)

  1. Pens

It would be remiss of us not to mention pens as an accessory here, although they are deserving of their own blog post! Pens can be great for colour-coding by activity or family member. Similarly with highlighters. The colour can be a quick and easy way to see an overview of what you’ve got lined up ahead for the week – e.g. purple is gym, blue is work, green is social, pink is errands / must remember and so on.

Life Designer



Friday Favourites September 08 2017

 The PlanthunterImage from The Planthunter

Yay! It's Friday! Here are five things which kept us happy this week:

1. Reading a good old fashioned magazine instead of surfing the net. Collective Hub is always an inspiring read full of kick ass entrepreneurs, wayfarers and dreamers.

2. Trying our hand at making our home a green paradise. There is plenty of inspiration at The Planthunter blog, including this beauty. If you’re a bit of a black thumb, start with a Zanzibar gem. They need virtually no water and thrive on neglect!

3. Unleashing our inner muse. Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic is fascinating and really digs down into being creative in spite of our fears.

4. Taking a keep cup to get our morning caffeine hit. We really like these from Frank Green  - awesome colours and a decent size for tea drinkers.

5. Getting a spring in our step with a gorgeous pair of flats. These will keep us smiling while we are pounding the pavement.

Friday Favourites September 08 2017

Three Birds Renovation

Image by Three Birds Renovations

Every week in between the to-do lists, errands and life admin, there are sparks of joy - inspirational stories, moments of beauty, happy thoughts or dreamy items for our wish list.

Here are our five favourite things which put a smile on our face this Friday:

  1. Finding these Three Birds Renovation makeovers so inspiring - especially loving the blue gloss herringbone bathroom tiles (pictured above) in this project!
  1. How cute are these planner stickers from Honey Inked on Etsy? Here in the office we’ve been using the garbage bins, cleaning, birthday balloons and airplane ones in our Life Designers! 
  1. Loving the simplicity of the this grey knot sweater by Seed! Looks like the perfect everyday sweater to see you through from winter to spring.
  1. This blog post about embracing a 'beautiful, quiet, gentle life' and accepting that you’re enough just as you are.
  1. We’ve been working our way through slow cooker recipes this winter and the next recipe on the list is this Beef and Ale Stew because there is nothing better than coming home on a cold winter’s night after a long day at work to have a warm dinner on the stove waiting for you! 

Winter Bucket List September 08 2017

Winter Bucket List

It’s the last month of winter in Australia and we’ve left it a bit late to complete everything on our bucket list so we’re shortening it to the five winter memories we still want to make. We’ve designed a FREE Winter Bucket List for you to download and write out some of your own memories you want to make before Spring hits!

On Our Winter Bucket List:

  1. Invite friends over for a board game night. Order a pizza, break out Taboo, Catan or Cluedo and settle in with a bottle of red wine.
  2. Stage a movie night at home. Dress code is strictly pajamas only and UGG boots are optional. Start early and have a few movies (agreed on prior!) lined up ready to go. Pull off the doona from the bed, turn down the lights and turn up the sound. Popcorn is non-negotiable obviously!
  3. Make some homemade mulled wine and take a glass into a hot bubble bath with a good book. Our current favourites include anything by Liane Moriarty, The Dry by Jane Harper and fun, flirty novels by Zoe Foster Blake.
  4. Bake gingerbread cookies with some jazzy tunes playing on speaker.
  5. Plan a weekend getaway which involves a combination of the following:  a roaring fireplace, a winery, a good Sunday roast and a cosy cabin in the mountains.

Getting ready for the National Stationery Show in New York...! September 08 2017

national stationery show


In a few days I am flying out to New York to debut Amelia Lane Paper in the USA. Exhibiting at the National Stationery Show - THE show for stationery businesses - has been a longtime dream of mine but wow, is it scary! Trade shows, for those who are wondering, are where companies exhibit to find new shops to sell their work. So while our products are available to buy through our online shop, they are also available in gift boutiques, book shops, florists, stationery studios and many other beautiful shops around the world which we’ve met at trade shows (sneak peek of the invite we sent to them for this show above!). It’s also a great place to meet other people in the industry and just generally get out from behind the desk!

While I’ve exhibited at trade shows in Sydney, Melbourne and London, the National Stationery Show (NSS) in New York is in a whole different league. It’s eye-waveringly expensive for one, especially when you include airfares, hotels and let’s face it, all the shopping I plan to do over there! It also a lot more complicated when it comes to building your stand. Shows I’ve exhibited at before include walls and basic flooring which you can then pay to upgrade / paint or you can generally do whatever you want to your space - hang shelves, frames etc. At this show, you’re given no flooring and no walls and you’re also prohibited from using any tools to build your booth (my drill has been a like a beloved family member in every build I’ve done before). Traveling from Sydney means it’s much harder (and expensive) to build a booth here and ship it over so I’ve opted to have walls and flooring installed on site there (also $$$$). And then there are regulations, and more regulations, and a lot of other unknowns which are going to have to be figured out on site. Luckily, my cousin is flying over to help me and is much more handy than I am!

But challenges aside, it’s a big moment for my business and I’m so excited to bring our products to the USA! We will be debuting our 2018 range of Amelia Lane Life Designers - with more cover, size and layout options than ever before. We’ve worked so hard on the new designs and have been trying to keep the new covers under wraps but I expect you might see a few sneak peeks if you keep an eye on social media during the show! Already, they’ve been creating a bit of buzz being nominated, alongside our Amelia Lane Wedding Designer, as finalists in the Best New Product Award! I’m not sure if that’s helped settle my nerves at all but it’s certainly a huge honour to be a finalist among other stationery brands I admire so much.

If you’re visiting the show, please come and say hi at Booth 1561 - I’ll be the Australian hiding under the desk!

Chanel x

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